Enzo De Gasperi

EDG Enzo de Gasperi Box Ambient perfumer with Terre di Sicilia candle

The new Fruit gift box by Enzo de Gasperi is composed of an elegant 100 ml themed room fragrance and a 65 gr candle of the same fragrance. The elegant bottom and lid box makes it perfect as a gift idea for the home or as a wedding favor .
Naturally extracted, free of synthetic substances, hypoallergenic, produced in Italy
Strong and fresh notes, elegance and style to decorate your home, your office or your studio

Package Contents : Fragrance Diffuser, Fragrance, Synthetic Sticks, Candle and Gift Box.
Brand : Enzo de Gasperi
Fragrance : Terre di Sicilia
Format : 100 ml + 65 gr
€25,90 €32,90you save €7,00